•The goal for this project was to increase Total Sleep per night from 7.29 to 7.60 hours (4%)

•During the Analyze Phase, the regression/correlation analysis showed that Sleep Start and Exercise were the two X’s that if changed could have the greatest impact on my Y (Total Sleep)

• By going to bed at a mean of 11pm and exercising 1 hour per day, the regression formula predicted that Total Sleep would increase from 7.29 to 7.74 hours per night

•During the Improve Phase, the Sleep Start mean improved from 11:36 to 11:00pm.  Unfortunately, Exercise decreased during Improve from .88 to .65 hours per day. 

•At the end of the Improve Phase, the mean for Total Sleep per night increased from 7.29 to 7.54 hours per night (3.4% increase).  This was close to the goal of 7.60 hours (4% increase).

•When conducting a left-tail, two-sample hypothesis test, the p-value was .24 which was higher than my alpha value of .05. 

So, although there was an improvement in Total Sleep, we can not conclude with 95% certainty that the improvement was statistically significant.

•Ho: m1>=m2 is not rejected

•m1=mean total sleep during Measure

•m2=mean total sleep during Improve •More data collection and analysis is needed to determine if the improvements were too small or the wrong X variables were selected during the Analyze phase

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